Natural Carpet Set 01

Natural Carpet Set 01 3d model Download  Buy 3dbrute

There are Five Kinds of carpet with different textures in
2560*2560 to 4096*4096 resolution comfort to covering
Home and office space.

Manufacturers are Sisal company and others.

The tiled carpets are 60*60 cm in size.
Also, I used carpet model 480*360 cm, but you can
use every size for covering your space,
because the textures are seamless and square.

You can easily make large-size renders!

I used V-Ray for the renders, but I Convert
materials to Corona for Corona Users.

If you have any problem, please message me.

(3dsMax 2014+V-ray 3.2) + Obj + Fbx
(3dsMax 2014+corona 7) + Fbx


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I'm an architect and 3d artist. I work in the 3d furniture and interior design fields. I specialize in 3DS Max, V-ray, Photoshop, Autocad, Lumion, etc. I could create real 3d furniture models (classic, modern, and official furniture) and architectural designs. I also work in other fields like Catalog design, and photography about my experiences. I'd like to work with other places in the world with the best prices and quality remotely. Furthermore, I experienced remote work in other countries as you can see in my portfolio. Best regards, My Stock photo and texture marketplace:

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