VRay mesh export missing , how to regain the right mouse menu


What is Vray mesh export?


This is the feature of V-ray that helps you to proxy a 3d-object form simple mesh – lighter .When the render is still filled with the original model. Usually apply to import bulk files in cases like planting trees, gravel, or furniture


I also do not understand for whatever reason this function is disabled. When there is this error, you will be lost all function:


V-Ray mesh export : this makes you unable to proxy the model in 3dsmax.


V-Ray properties




V-Ray scene conveter


V-Ray Bitmap to V-Ray HDRI converter


.vrscene exporter


How to fix – VRay mesh export missing .


After the process of finding out, I also discover how to fix this bug very quickly and simply. You see and follow below.
Go to MAXScript> MaxScript listener,  copy text “registerVRayMenus ()” and paste after : “Welcome to MAXScript” then press Enter.


You will see text “true”. Done
Hope this tutorial will help you when “VRay mesh export” function in 3dsmax not working .

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    • hi. i tried with tour solution,but when i digit the text appair the word “undefined”.
      can you help me? thanks…

      lortografico August 30, 2022 4:40 pm
      • Hi, If you use the latest version, 3ds max 2022

        VRayMenus is enabled, you will see text “undefined”.

        VRayMenus is not enabled, you will see the text “OK”.

        3dbrute August 30, 2022 11:14 pm

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