Purge and clean file 3ds max , reduce 3ds max file size

How to reduce 3dsmax file size

When you work in 3dsmax, you use a lot of file libraries

However, some files, although you have cleared all of them, the file size is still several dozen MB, sometimes up to hundreds of MB

Now use the following script to clean them up

1.Maxcript > Runscrip> Select and click on the  “clean_3dbrute” >Open

2.Maxcript > Runscrip> Select and click on the “purge 3dbrute”  >Open

3.Then you save the file with a different name, compared to the original file, you will see the file size decreases

purge file 3dsmax

Now, look at the new file and the original file has dropped from 61 Mb to 39 MB
Download script here

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