• At a time when it seems every corner of digital 3D modeling has been explored, I propose an ambitious and challenging new field: Creating a “New Universe.” This is an opportunity for limitless creativity where individuals can freely construct their worlds, from new solar systems to entirely custom galaxies.
  • Imagine you’re crafting a system of planets, each not only a work of art but also a unique ecosystem with animal and plant species invented by you. You are not merely recreating environments, but also defining the physical laws such as gravity and other spatial elements, all personalized to fit your vision.
  • This process is not just an artistic adventure but also a journey of profound knowledge discovery in science, philosophy, and even theology. You’ll feel a deeper connection to the universe, enhancing your appreciation for the world around you.
  • Switching to a plant-based diet instead of consuming animal products is not only a healthier choice but also reflects your respect for other life forms in your universe. Additionally, learning to control the energy within you opens new perceptions of personal strength and potential.
  • Tools like Space Engine and Universe Sandbox will be invaluable companions as you simulate and experiment with your ideas in space. To get started, you can explore the idea video at Universlgc on TikTok and find inspiration for yourself. Explore and create a world where your creativity knows no bounds!



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