Grass Stone Path Walk Run Garden

Grass Stone Path Walk Run Garden 3d model Download  Buy 3dbrute

HQ Grass Stone Path Walk Run Garden

6 Different 3D models in the scene

1- Model dimensions: 8m * 11m Chaos Scatter

2- Vray + Corona 3ds max file is also in archive

3- FBX is also in archive .scattered objects are not FBX, just the main Objects.

4- Chaos Scatter settings Screenshots.

5- Materials is archive (material library)
Corona mtl + Vray mtl.

6 Polys: 44k + Verts: 147k

7- 4K texture + 4K material

8- JPEG (texture), MAX + FBX + Screenshots.
(FBX just Base Objects and no scattering).

9- 3dmodels: MAX 2020 + FBX 2014

10- Corona9 render + Vray6 (Renderer Engine-MAX + FBX)

11- changing the size of scattering maps gives you different results.

12- Models has unwrapped overlapping and
maps supported traditional 3ds Max texturing.
(tiling coordinates)


– To use the max file you need to use at 3dsmax 2020
– Units: centimeter
– Clean Topology (quad mesh)
– You Can Add Turbo Smooth

If you have any problems for setting up the models,
send me a message here or via avatar.group.ad@gmail.com

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We are a group of avatars of the Na'vi tribe from the land of Pandora. A land with trees on the first day of creation.

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