New Plant High detail Prunus Salicina Plum Pflaume

New Plant High detail Prunus Salicina Plum Pflaume 3d model Download  Buy 3dbrute

New Plant High detail Prunus Salicina Plum Pflaume

Shiro plum, known for its medium to large, round bright yellow fruit has a mild sweet flavour. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking, canning, preserves and desserts, it is a consistent bearer of fruit. It is one of the earliest ripening plums. very hardy. Requires pollination from other Japanese plums (Prunus salicina) varieties. Ripens in early August.

2 Different 3D models in the scene

Height: 5300 mm & 5200 mm

Big Preview:

1- Materials is archive (material library)
– Corona mtl + Vray mtl + Standard mtl
2-Polys: 1031k + Verts: 1414k
3- 4K texture + 4K material
4- JPEG (texture), MAX, OBJ + MTL + FBX 2012
5- 3dmodels: MAX + OBJ + FBX 2012
6- Corona render + Vray (Renderer Engine-MAX + FBX)
– Scanline render (Renderer Engine-MAX + OBJ)
7- Models has unwrapped overlapping and
maps supported traditional 3ds Max texturing.
(tiling coordinates)


– To use the max file you need to use at 3dsmax 2015
– Units: Millimeter
– Clean Topology (quad mesh)
– You Can Add Turbo Smooth

If you have any problems for setting up the models,
send me a message here or via avatar.group.ad@gmail.com

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