Citrus Sinensis Orange Arancio 2Tree

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New Plant High detail Citrus Sinensis Orange Arancio

The orange fruit,an important agricultural product, used for both the juicy fruit pulp and the aromatic peel (rind). Orange blossoms (the flowers) are used,several different ways,,are the leaves and wood,the tree.
The orange blossom, which,the state flower,Florida,,highly fragrant and traditionally associated with good fortune.,has long been popular,bridal bouquets and head wreaths.
Orange blossom essence,an important component,the making,perfume.
Orange blossom petals can also,made into a delicately citrus-scented counterpart,rosewater, known,”orange blossom water”,”orange flower water”.,is a common ingredient,French and Middle Eastern cuisines, especially,desserts and baked goods.,some Middle Eastern countries, drops,orange flower water are added,disguise the unpleasant taste,hard water drawn from wells,stored,qullahs (traditional Egyptian water pitchers made,porous clay).,the United States, orange flower water,used,make orange blossom scones and marshmallows.

2 Different,models,the scene

Height: 5100mm & 6200mm

Big Preview:

1- Materials,archive (material library)
– Corona mtl + Vray mtl + Standard mtl
2-Polys: 1025k + Verts: 1421k
3-,texture +,material
4- JPEG (texture), MAX, OBJ + MTL
5- 3dmodels: MAX+OBJ
6- Corona render (Renderer Engine-MAX)
– Scanline render (Renderer Engine-OBJ)
7- Models has unwrapped overlapping and
maps supported traditional 3ds Max texturing.
(tiling coordinates)


-,use the max file you need,use,3dsmax 2015
– Units: Millimeter
– Clean Topology (quad mesh)
– You Can Add Turbo Smooth

If you have any problems for setting,the models,
send,a message here,via

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